Myofascial Energetic Release ( MER )

MER is a form of Bodywork often confused with Massage Therapy.  While  Massage therapy involves steady movements like kneading and stroking on the muscles to bring relief; Myofascial Energy Release uses pressure, breath work and customized sensory stimulation to stretch and lengthen the fascia. 

MER works with a unique synthesis of deep and soft connective tissue manipulation, joint release, energy and breath work, myofascial unwinding , body awareness training as well as emotions and their expression.  MER progressively opens the bodies soft tissue layers . As we encounter stuck energy in the form of shortened, hardened tissue… we respond with sensitive touch to support the release of these energy blocks.. This activates the bodies natural ability for self correction and healing.

Movement Education - Myofascial Unwinding

Unwinding is a spontaneous movement that is inherent within the body's tissues. As the body releases it allows for these spontaneous unwinding movements, releasing physical and emotional holding patterns.  With the support and sensitivity of the practitioner a safe space is created, educating and empowering the client to listen and follow the body's natural release of trauma.  This allows the client to discover a new awareness of dysfunctional attitudes and beliefs that cause the patterns and behaviors that laid the foundations for their painful predicament.


MER must be tailored to each individual's needs, their specific complaint, and the overall condition of their physical, mental and emotional health.