Energy Work


Touch Therapy is loosely based on the Christian practice of "Laying of Hands." These methods are used to channel vital (Life Force Energy, God, Goddess, Universe, Divine Being, Angels, Spirit Guide, Gaia, SELF, etc...) to heal, energize and balance energetic deficiencies or blockages.  The session can be done with hands on or hands off techniques to focus the treatment into specific areas to improve mental, emotional and physical unease.


Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies use high or low intensity naturally occurring Electromagnetic Frequencies ranging from 1 to 99 Hz at the intensity of no higher than 2.2 Gauss to help improve or speed the healing of specific musculoskeletal conditions, calm the nervous system and align the energy centers known as Chakras. 


Sound Therapy - Specific vibrational frequencies per second or (Hertz, Hz), influence everything from thought to movement.  Even our voices are influenced by the vibration quality of our bones.  Psychoacoustics are used to aide in grounding or elevating our resonant energies.  Binaural, Monaural or Isochronic Beats, Cymatics, Solfeggio, Royal Rife Frequencies or Tibetan Bowls are used to compliment other treatments or independently treat specific physical and energy states.