Candida Cosentino




CTAA Certified CBT, REBT, Mindset Coach

ABMP, IAOTH, CTAA Certified Bodywork Therapist

ABMP, CTAA Certified Reiki Grandmaster

AAMA Certified Medical Assistant

Over 20 years in the healthcare field has taught me that healing is unbiased and openly available to anyone. This healing is a balanced energetic exchange between all  existing bodies. The awareness of this interaction is what opens the  axis to change and is where we discover what is left to do to achieve it.  My practice is simple, gentle and instinctive. This nurturing space is what makes me gifted in helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual transitions in the most peaceful way possible.

I am a resident of Valparaiso, IN and am located within the office of the physician I work with, Dr. Tikiri Ratnayake.  I passed my Mblex licensing exam in September of 2020 after several years of studying, apprenticeships and acquiring many bodywork and coaching certifications while simultaneously attending Purdue University for my BS in Psychology and Health & Wellness. I am an American Red Cross and Habitat Homes volunteer.  I am also a Notary as part of my role as a Public Servant. 


I believe we all have a huge impact in the success of our communities no matter how small our roles.  My intention is to bring some relief, comfort and self acceptance to whomever I can. Come in for a peaceful session if you need to relax, lower your anxiety and decompress.



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