Candida Cosentino




CTAA Certified CBT, REBT, Mindset Coach

ABMP, IAOTH, CTAA Certified Bodywork Therapist

ABMP, CTAA Certified Reiki Grandmaster

AAMA Certified Medical Assistant

Over 20 years in the healthcare field has taught me that healing is unbiased and openly available to anyone. This healing is a balanced energetic exchange between all  existing bodies. The awareness of this interaction is what opens the  axis to change and is where we discover what is left to do to achieve it.  My practice is simple, gentle and instinctive. This nurturing space is what makes me gifted in helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual transitions in the most peaceful way possible.

After 14 years of studying and teaching theatrical dance arts,  I acquired my Medical Assisting Certification at Olympia College in North Aurora, IL.  I moved to IN in 2008 to marry my extraordinary husband. I completed several brain training programs including Dr. Daniel Amen's Brain Training, Landmark Worldwide in Chicago and Achology.  I pursued my interest in Bodywork after working at Dr. Robert Milelo's innovative Brain Balance Achievement Center where cognitive, body movement and sensory therapies were used to improve conditions within children with Disconnection Syndromes.  I then enrolled in U.S. Career Institute's Massage Therapy program.  During this time I joined Dr. Tikiri Ratnayake's Medical Health and Wellness Clinic as his Medical Assistant where I started my apprenticeships in several alternative methods.


I used my time during the Pandemic to acquire more complementary therapy certifications through the ABMP, Institute of Integrative Medicine and Udemy. I passed the Mblex exam for Massage Therapy licensing in September of 2020.  


I am an American Red Cross and Habitat Homes volunteer.  I am also a Notary as part of my role as a Public Servant. 

I am a student of Ayurvedic practices, including Yoga.  I continue to practice the discipline of my favorite art of Ballet with barre workouts and am grateful to still be able to just touch my toes.  


I acknowledge and encourage all the Medical Arts including aesthetic medicine.  Complementary Alternative Medicine is just another vehicle to wellness and should be used alongside - or - as a preventative measure to traditional medicine.   


We all have the ability to heal in some way and thus we all have a huge impact in the wellness of our communities no matter how small our roles.  My intention is to bring some relief, comfort and self acceptance to whomever I can. Welcome and come join me for a peaceful session.